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About the applications

The applications are tools of our site that offer different functionalities to the user. Each application is unique and different from the rest and within it, you will find the functionality offered. Here's an explanation of each of our platforms:

  • Red Master: is our social network, and in it you can create an account and start socializing with the people that are there, share content like: photos, states, videos, albums, etc.
  • Master Coria Support: In this site you will find a help center related to all platforms and creations from us. In it, you can send us support tickets and consult the knowledge base (which is the help).
  • Master Coria Home: this is our home page, it was designed since 2012 and was our first application, in it you will find games, some programs we have done, tools and links to other of our applications.
  • Master Coria URL Shortener: is a platform that will allow you to shorten any long link and make it shorter and more accessible.
  • Master Coria Chat: is a chat platform that will allow you to talk to people from all over the world.
  • The Blog of Master Coria: is our most popular application of all, and is where we upload content of diverse interest, such as: tutorials, games, computers, etc.
  • Master Coria Image Editor: is an online image editor, in the platform, you can edit an image, being able to add effects, designs, shapes, etc.
  • is a platform where we talk about business topics, like: success, companies, responsabilities, work, and much more. In that platform, we offer a great business.

We give the most cordial welcome to, in this site you will find different types of web applications that have been created or administered by us. The purpose of our website is to impart a multi-purpose site, to share knowledge and platforms of different functionalities and uses.

At the top you will find several links that will offer you technical information about our platforms and general information of this website, while in the lower part you will find direct links to each of our platforms that we have given so far.


Also, just below the applications, you will find basic information about each platform. We hope you enjoy your stay in our site. 

Thank you for your visit and have a good day!